as the dawn
proceeds to the dusk,

a thousand images
of this beautiful world,
rotate and change,
sublime visions,

my capillaries,
and adrenaline
burst straight up
like a heroin abuser
drowning in a pool of dreams.

for I have been summoned
to peek in this kaleidoscope,
we sometimes call life,
and I just stare.

the mirrors would shatter soon,
the music will slither in,
it would be dark and damp.

Just as I dreamt once.
that night.

Write Something Beautiful


Caress the playful waves,
breathe the snowflakes of this breeze,
stroll the unseen paths carelessly,
in the dreams within your dream,

Kiss the dying horizon,
feel the sand below your feet,
embrace the horses that once rode
the beaches,
just like your old memories

Besmirch the nightmares slowly,
wake up alone in these hallowed nights,
comfort all what is left within yourself,
feel this earth again without the lights

When it all comes back to you,
and I know it will,
write something beautiful about it,
let those waiting pages finally fill.

Alter Ego

the lights,
tepid and superfluity bright,
were casted upon me,
I reveled in the moment,
as a man having reverence
for all good virtues
that held this decaying planet together

but my alter ego lurked and smirked, concealing his obnoxious presence
in my ghostly shadows,
for he was treacherous and evil,
he dwelled in pride,lust
and unfair judgements
only to satisfy his dark cornered heart.

when the lights went off
and the chills grew slowly
no need to say,we became one,
together we destroyed the virtues
and celebrated the animality
from which we evolved.
No wolf-pack following,
just breathing and hunting others in the egoistic air.

might I add, we were most successful, without the lights and most vulnerable with it.

So are you afraid of your shadow now? or dying to meet it? the lights my friend,
the lights.. holds your answer.