Of wanting
and the reactions.

Of the tease
and the injunctions.

Of the touch
and the revulsions.

Of the kiss
and the deductions.

Of the stripping
and the seductions.

Of melting of naked bodies
and the inductions.

Of the aches and sweat
and the conclusions.

Of the slithering memories
and the destructions.

Of the possible repetition
and the needed constructions.

© Shashank Bhardwaj

Alliteration- III

Quantum of quivers queue quintessentially,
the rancor from the relishes reverberates with rage.
serenity seeps slowly into the sleep of sensuality:
as I tickle the tenacious thighs and think of tricks.

the universality of the urges shall not be undone.
the vagrancy within myself will end vividly.
our acts are now xeroxed, the near x-mas forgotten
the youthful yumminess of the yesteryear revisited.



Dreams breathe in slumber,
terrorized by the dying light.

A peninsula of thoughts,
floats in the sea of night.

The sheets wrestled
with the aching limbs.

The flesh entangled together,
breathing a melodious hymn.

Don’t you want to sleep?
You must be tired.

We had our fun now,
you must retire.

Go now into an abyss,
to be dissolved unseen.

Heal your fractured memories,
from the blood of my peeled skin.

We shall meet again in summer,
when this air smells of rain.

as strangers, as lovers
but with our faces changed.