between the kisses

and the hours we laid
naked exploring each other
with an insatiable thirst,

somewhere our vulnerabilities had melted
by the fireplace into sweat,
gasps became moans,
and the love turned to passion

as the war ended
we retreated like causalities
snuggling for comfort in each other

I believe this is how
I felt an unending trust
that hugged me invisibly
while you slept next to me
that night.


Her Body is a shrouded mystery
and me the hungry traveller
won’t stop kissing and dissolving
in her.
Till such mysteries unravel
from lips to neck
navel to hips
and tits to lips again
I see myself getting lost
this isn’t a travel now
Its a trippy journey
tripping me with love and still mysteries float.
Why wonder?
Lets Unravel.

© Shashank Bhardwaj.