Discovering Forgetfullness

As long as I remember,
I always wanted to be real
with my words.

But I will always be a chalice,
born with a thirst for wine.
I can never fill someone’s belly.
Forget about his thoughts for now.

I always wanted to be the pause which you have,
after you forget a dream, while you are still in bed
and the winds drape the shrouds of silence.
It is then when we realize
that even after having everything,
something slips off and floats away.
Our fingers were made to measure by him,
so no matter how deep we dig with them,
We can never dig out the dream we yearn to remember.

There is a reason he made us a child first,
and not as an adult,
for he wanted us to learn to forget everything
and still be the same.


© Shashank Bhardwaj