In Warmth

With your laced clothing,
you resplend an aura
that smells of lust and raging whiskey,

the ice fed hands trace your fragile
and sensitive breasts, as you unhook your bra.
With my warm tongue, I lick the chocolate over your pointed nipples.
You caress your fingers with the water between your legs.

I tear away your black panties,
and I am sure you wished for the sooner of it.
I come inside you, inside us
as we tremble as terrified horses
riding in the storm, embracing and feasting
on one another.

Your hips turn warm,
The legs go tired,
we climax in each other arms
and wait to begin again,
in the sunlight, we escaped from.

Swim Away – I

I still remember
the way you swam away,
wriggling out of your clothes,
I could see your wet breasts,
with the tips still drowned in drops.
You took my hand between your legs,
and whispered me to begin my art
of dissolving your shyness into thousand
moans of madness.
The tips turned dry, begging me to lick their
shame of existence away.
I worked through them, I worked below you too.
I sculpted a river of ecstacy within you,
and you went through all, by letting our tongues
mute our lives for sometimes.

The silence, we could still hear.
The silence, we can never forget.

© Shashank Bhardwaj

Savoury Cream

Pour it all
and spread it slowly
with your bare hands,
this cream isn’t that sweet
but you are gonna like it anyway,
so come and swallow it
as you suck me out,
and I close my eyes.
Take it all in,
let me feel the saliva mix
with the cream and melt.
Go on at your pace,
I can wait, in darkness,
all night, all day,
just don’t stop in between,

© Shashank Bhardwaj


She once asked,
for the morning tea
with those sparkling eyes
full of thirst.
I paid no heed knowingly
to let her suffer sweetly from within.

I didn’t expect though:
In the warm drowsiness
she would prepare it with her soft hands
after removing my shorts
and gulp it all in,
slowly and steadily
keeping my eyes closed.


Your fingers map my body,
The neck turns into a calloused valley.
The breasts are the warm deserts now.
This waist is a barren wasteland, dying of thirst.

Between my legs
flows a river unseen,
a forest untouched, by fingers.
A paradise lost in time.

Transverse this map tonight,
make it rain, just conjure a flood
all over my body.

the flavours of the paradise await you, come, seek a taste of forgotten heavens.

I don’t care now,
I can’t wait now,

Teach me this cartography, Just don’t ask why.

© Shashank Bhardwaj

Lets Taste the Sunlight – II

We were the lost mermaids that drowned in each other to find ounces of unforgettable love.

I kissed your neck while you nailed my back crafting a map of your moans.

Tracing your breasts to the tips that had waited for me as an impatient wave wanting to touch the shore.

The nipples tasted like sweet honey dripped in cream for you made a connoisseur of desire.

Our muscles melted in yellow shimmering.

We saw the sun tracing our nakedness slowly.