Do you know even, 
what darkness looks like?

it is when your home turns to dust
from sudden shellings
and you walk over bodies
of children,women and brave men
you once knew,blown up in syria,
the middle eastern sun even couldn’t outshine this obscured darkness

when your first flight out of country, 
ends up with your body tattered in pieces, 
dropping from 35,000 feet just, 
because pro rebel russians felt showing how big their balls are,

and here you sit, 
pleased in your well perfumed house
petting your cat, 
while writing on your mac-book,
“the way he left me, I was confined to darkness”

I pity your darkness
but I hope you recover soon
from a weak heart 
and delusions of insignificance


It makes me somewhat afraid,
that we never know
when we will turn from
healthy laughing bodies
to ashes and dust
and hung up in some corner
of a room

but what simply terrifies me,
is what happens of our memories
which are obliterated
into nothing.
No remains of the sunshine,
the snow,
the laughter,
the love,
all obliterated
in a blink

the soul is robbed
and death with a smirk
steals everything